Immunity Package

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The Immunity Package

The Immunity Package Provides an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. In addition to all the powerful cell food found in Fresh Start and Sea Moss. The Shrooms is a powerful immune system actuator with a powerful virus and a bacteria-fighting blend of 4 natural mushrooms. RIshi Mushroom. Chaga. Lions Mange and the powerful astragalus. This package provides the body with the nutrients to activate your innate and adaptive immune system. As well as corrective herbs to enhance the body's natural immune response.

Online Immunity Package
Includes: Fresh Start (Dry Mix 2oz) | Sea Moss Powder (2oz) | The Shrooms

Retail Price $91.85 | Sale Price $80.00 | 12% Savings

In-Store Immunity Package
Includes: Fresh Start 64oz | Sea Moss 16oz | The Shrooms |3 Gallons of Purple Alkaline Water

Retail Price $106.82 | Sale Price $94.00 | 12% Savings