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Boutique Shop For The Health & Fitness Enthusiast . 

Fresh from Earth, Fitness, Health, Sports

"Health is the Only True Wealth." We Believe Being Healthy & Fit is just Sexy.

- Karim Ali (Owner) 

Fresh From Earth was created to serve the Health & Fitness Enthusiast by offering the most potent, pure natural ingredients to increase physical strength, uplift spirits, heal the body and create lives full of freedom from sickness & disease that is running rampant due to bad diet, lack of nutritional education, and lack of physical activity.

Our desire is to motivate, empower and create a movement of Health & Fitness. We dare to take a new approach by offering a boutique line of products that addresses the specific needs of health & fitness novice, personal trainers and wellness experts to this health and fitness industry. 

Fun. Contagious. Life Changing. Everyone deserves to be well educated & have a fair shot of experiencing the benefits of the Earth from every region of the world. And that’s what we offer. We are raw, transparent and hope to be moving with our product line, information we share and our movement.

If you're in Atlanta visit us at:

2455 Flat Shoals, Rd, Atlanta, Ga 30349 - 678-489-5302