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Detoxification | September 2020 Health Focus

What is detoxification? 

Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances & foreign invaders from the human body. The body has several detoxing organs, skin being the largest detoxification organ in the human. Also our liver and kidney (to name a few) are a major part of our detoxing organs within the body. Because we are made of billions of cells, it is paramount that we provide support to help the body detoxify on a cellular level and regularly. The results of detoxing are phenomenal when the detoxification system in the body is properly functioning. Benefits: More Energy | Stronger Immune System | Better Skin | Healthy Cell Growth. Join us this month as we explore
The Power of Detoxification.

Join The Fresh From Earth 7 Day Detox Challenge

  • Consume 8oz. of Fresh Start Every Morning
  • Consume 8oz. of Dieters Detox Tea 2x Daily
  • Recommended one in the afternoon and one tea in the evening
  • Drink 64oz. of Purple water daily (1 Half Gallon)

Join Our Detox Party 

  • Date: 09/26/2020 at Fresh From Earth Butner Rd.
  • Detoxing Food Bar 
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Detox Packages 

In-Store Detox Package: $59.99 (Regular Price) | Sale Price $54.00
INCLUDES: Fresh Start Herbal Tonic | Dieters Detox Tea Tonic | 3 Gallons of Purple Alkaline Water
Online Detox Package: $47.99 (Regular Price). Sale Price $43.00
INCLUDES: Fresh Start Dry Mix | Dieters Detox Tea Tonic (14 Tea Bag) 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What if my stool becomes fluid?
Reduce Dieters from 2x a day to 1 time daily. And or only take detox package once every other day. If persistent, discontinue and add fiber to you diet.

What if the herbs make my stomach cramp?
Reduce Dieters from 2x a day to 1 time daily. Steep for 5 minutes and not the 10 minute steep. Add Fiber to your diet (Berries. Spinach. Psyllium Husk, etc.)Increase Water. If issue persists, discontinue using product.

What if I become constipated or not releasing waste?
Steep tea for full 10 minutes. Increase water intake. Increase tea dose from 8oz to 12 oz. Add magnesium to your diet.

When should I Detox?
Daily Detox is always great by eating detoxing foods 4 times yearly. Cellular Detox is recommended at the close of every season, should you need to cleanse from unhealthy eating, toxins and foreign invaders.

What Should I Eat?
We recommend eating plant based. Fresh fruit juices & smoothies. Consume 64 oz of water daily.