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Detox Package

Detox Package

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What Is Detoxification?
Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances & foreign invaders from the human body. The body has several detoxing organs, skin being the largest detoxification organ in the human. Also, our liver and kidney (to name a few) are a major part of our detoxing organs within the body. Because we are made of billions of cells, it is paramount that we provide support to help the body detoxify on a cellular level and regularly. The results of detoxing are phenomenal when the detoxification system in the body is properly functioning.
Benefits: More Energy | Stronger Immune System | Better Skin | Healthy Cell Growth.

Get The Detox Package

In-Store Detox Package Includes: (For In-Store Pick Up Only)
Fresh Start Herbal Tonic | 1 Dieters Detox (14 Tea Bags) | 3 Gallons of Purple Alkaline Water
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Online Detox Package Includes: (Shipping Only)
Fresh Start Dry Mix  | 1 Dieters Detox Tea Tonic (14 Tea Bag)
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