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The Defender Tea Tonic

The Defender Tea Tonic

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Antiviral | Immune Support

Fresh From Earth TheDefender  Tea Tonic 
Experience the Power of three natural antibiotic herbs & anti-viral Herbs. This unique blend helps to maintain healthy defense reactions to viruses & bacteria. Supports respiratory health, liver health as well as blood cleanings. Includes a proprietary blend of Neem & Chaparral. #TheDefender


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Stepping Instructions

The longer the Steep the stronger the Tea. Fresh From Earth Teas is curated with herbs from around the world. Steeping is the most significant step to ensure the activation of the herb. Once the herb is properly activated it will release all the powerful nutrients from the Herb. So here are a few stepping methods to consider as you prepare your Fresh From Earth Tea.

Remember Tea Brewing Process gives you time to relax, clear your mind, and let your body find balance. Never rush the process. 

For an 8-12 oz Cup add 1 Fresh From Tea Bag & let steep for 7-10 minutes. After your tea has steeped give thanks and add your desired sweetener. Or just enjoy the natural herbal flavor. 

If you want a stronger brew to receive a more powerful result. Add 2 tea bags in an 8-16oz cup and let the tea steep for 30 to a 1 hour.  After your tea has steeped give thanks and add your desired sweetener. Or just enjoy the natural herbal flavor. 

No time to steep your Fresh From Earth Tea from cup to cup. No worries. All of our teas can be made in larger quantities  & refrigerated for quick & convenient consumption. Use 6 of your tea bags to steep 32oz tea. Allow the tea bags to steep a minimum of 15 minutes or overnight for maximum potency. Fresh From Earth Tea can be refrigerated & stored for up to 7 days.

Our Tea Bags Can be used twice. So enjoy the double-dip. 

Cheers to your Health!